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C1 Robotic Carrier

1.4 Ton Carrier

Designed for Robotics. Made for ease of use.

Unique platform based on 2WD 14" in wheel electric hub motor.

With Hydraulic Disk Brakes and high torque 2x8KW motors. 


True Electric In Wheel Drive 

The X4 is a true in-wheel 8KW electric motor platform.

It provide super high, smart, manageable torque constantly. Each motor include separate disk brake.


Max Operation Time 

2500Wh rechargeable replaceable LIPO battery provides maximum performance out of your platform.


Smart Remote Controller

C1 Smart Remote Controller can preordered as Wired or Wireless remote. It provides sensitive & intuitive control over the platform. 


Double Pneumatic Wheels

Two sets of double pneumatic wheels with safety anti pressure loss middle wheel with brakes. 

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