Fire Detection Application

OZ Lehava integrates perimeter surveillance, long-range area observation, and fire detection analytics in a single PTZ camera. The system's day and thermal sensors are embedded in a superior PAN TILT platform with IP (Ethernet) interface. The system  provides a reliable response to major safety risks by enabling the user to continuously monitor target sites in the range of a few kilometers from the epicenter.


Area scanning is performed according to configurable zones of interests and temperature thresholds. Once a flame has been detected, the system activates its risk-communication mechanisms, such as transmission of the target's location coordinates (x; y). The false alarm risk is kept to a minimum due the embedded risk assessing algorithm. This enables the system to determine whether a given target represents fire or is the result of environmental temperature changes. If a designated preset exceeds the defined temperature threshold, alert notifications are sent to the user's interface.



Refinery Fire Detection

Pipe Monitoring

Forest Fire Detection