SAFEDRIVE-IP is an automotive system combining driving vision enhancement, 24/7 surveillance, and video analytics capabilities in a miniature pan tilt sensor unit. Due to its modular architecture, SAFEDRIVE-IP can be provided as a single-unit or a multiple-unit system.

A single unit includes an HD 720P DAY SENSOR FOV (90°X69°). Wide field of view assures viewing of either side of road and beyond edges in the range of 140 meters from the installation site.The camera  features an infrared illuminators for surveillance driving safety even in absolute darkness. SAFEDRIVE-IP is hermetically sealed, rated to IP-67, with an integrated, automatic window heater.A set of three front and three rear units create a 360° panoramic view.


The scene can be constantly analyzed by real-time video analytics embedded in the system. The analytics tools include a range of filters and rules for credible intrusion detection and auto tracking. Detected suspicious activities (translated into system EVENTS) can be analyzed, recorded, and viewed in real time. IP video output complies with automation applications where networking capabilities are of essence. 


• H.264 Full Frame at HD720p
• Easy and flexible installation
• LAN connectivity
• Video Compression: H.264, MJPEG
• Burnt-in Text, Video Motion Detection Support
• microSD/SDHC Storage
• Comprehensive SDK Support
• Embedded Video Analytics
• ONVIF Support (Profile S, Profile G)