SAFEDRIVE. Beyond Visibility.


SAFEDRIVE-360 is a vehicle mounted visual sensor designed for driver vision enhancement, perimeter intrusion detection, and automatic target tracking. SAFEDRIVE  monitors and analyzes the surrounding environment in total darkness and through fog, dust and smoke, providing superior  situational awareness.


Due to the “Drive by Video” capability, the operator obtains an independent field of view without being exposed to threats. VMDBOX features embedded  video analytics and  continuous recording while the vehicle is static).


What is included? 

1. CCD and THERMAL electro-optic sensors

2. Quad Screen 9” Viewer

3. Military Std. Cables and Connectors 

4. Optimized Lens for Front & Rear Driving

5. Rugged and Sealed Anodized Housing Design, IP67

6. Small Form Factor 

7. Optional Video Recording*

8. Optional Embedded Video Analytics*















Why is SAFEDRIVE better than others?

Two are better than one
SAFEDRIVE contains two sensors: CCD and Thermal, which create perfect visibility, day and night, under any conditions.

Multi-Risks need Multi-Sensors 
SAFEDRIVE  is designed to monitor distributed sensors on a single screen for multi-threat assessment.

Real Flexibility
We custom-tailor SAFEDRIVE  to your needs including  housing color, lens FoV, and cable lengths.


Built to be Tough
From the smallest screw to the biggest parts, SAFEDRIVE was designed to withstand the worst environments.

Easiest Installation Ever
Just connect the SAFEDRIVE to the 9" split screen and you are ready to go. Unlike other systems, SAFEDRIVE does not require Electronic Control Units (ECU) or any other internal installation boxes. 


Unique Ball Mounting Bracket 
Allows you to connect the SAFEDRIVE in the right position for perfect vision.