Remote Viewer
Event Management Software

VACAM Remote Viewer is a centralized video surveillance solution. The system integrates Fire Detection, Face Recognition (CFAS), License Plate Recognition (LPR), and Video Content Analysis (VCA) into a global Event Management Center. The system enables end-to-end connectivity with various kinds of media, such as surveillance cameras, LPR , Acces Control, and Video Analytics. Thus the user acquires a full situation awareness in multi-risk environment.

Due to its architecture, the system scales infinitely, with no limitation on the number of edge-based analytical channels. Therefore, the user achieves an access to large scale monitoring scenarios.



















The system performs the following functions:
1. Provides single monitoring software tmultiple Products: Face Recognition, Video Analytics, and LPR. 
2. Allows fast search and data grabbing capabilities in distributed computing environment.
3. Facilitate instantaneous monitoring center setup. 
4. Allows controlling large scale monitoring scenarios with easy to use yet sophisticated interface.


The product package includes:
1. Fast search and data grabbing 
2. Multi Sensor Support
3. Audio Alerts
4. Event Recorder/Player/History Viewer
5. Circular Storage Manager
6. Flexible Layouts (Sliced/Flow View)
7. Dark Mode
8. PTZ Touch Support
9. USB Joystick/Gamepad Control
10. DIO Support/Event based DIO
11. Multilingual Support
12. Command & Control
13. GPS Connectivity