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X4 Platform

Designed for Robotics. Made for Defense.

Unique platform based on 4WD in wheel electric hub motor.

With passive suspension and high torque 4x12KW motors. 


True Electric Quad Wheel Drive,
Zero Mechanics. 

The X4 is a true in-wheel 12KW electric motor platform.

It provide super high, smart, manageable torque constantly with ZERO mechanics.


The X4 is designed for an array of 8 batteries: 3,000Wh each, 24KWh in total. Get the maximum performance out of your platform.

Electric Fuel - Max Operation Time 


Smart Passive Suspension

Up to 400mm clearance range, based on unique, 

single shaft passive suspension mechanism which 

increases platform stability and maneuverability.


Embedded Charging Panels

Ready to Charge high power autonomous charging panels supporting up to 240A, lowering charging time to minimum needed.

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